My first experience here was after back surgery. I remember Leah massaging my back wound and telling me why and the benefits of helping the wound. Between Leah, Jim, Patrick and Gavin, I was coming along so well. They were all so caring and focused on my back recovery. Then June 13th I fell mopping my floor and broke my femur. They were so happy when I came back but I had to start from the beginning again. They helped me to push myself, and I loved the therapy here. They were behind me every step of the way. I trusted them all with my safety and recovery.


Great! The staff at Pure HealthyBack was excellent. They all were very professional and met all my expectations. Jim took his time when evaluating me and made an accurate assessment of my condition. Patrick was spectacular! He was very patient and aware of my comfort level in rehabilitating my back and sciatic nerve condition. The receptionist (Piper) has a great sense of humor and is very hospitable. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me, making my experience one to remember.


The entire team—Ericka, Jim, Gavin and Amy—were all very knowledgeable and easy to work with to help me achieve my goals and equip me with the tools to continue the healing process at home. Jim really took the time to listen and address all my concerns, making adjustments to get the best results. I highly recommend Pure HealthyBack for their professionalism, patience and state of the art facilities.


I came for therapy for 2 months—May and June of this year. Having a 5 vertebrae surgery I was not in good shape. I worked mostly with Gavin during this time. He was very attentive to my exercises and plan for recovery every day. Such a great personality and friendly disposition taking my mind off working out to gardening and camping and such to make it easier for me. I’m doing much better, but still have a long recovery to go yet. A good job to Amy for working with me and all the staff—very friendly and helpful. Thank you all!


My experience was excellent. The check-in staff is very professional and courteous. Flexible when schedule changes came up. Physical Therapy team is top notch. Leah, Amy, Gavin did an excellent job providing me the best plan to carry forward with treatment at home or gym. Professional and courteous all the time. Would definitely recommend anyone needing PT to come to this location. Facility well kept. Nice comfortable lobby waiting area. Physical Therapy equipment well maintained.


It was a pleasant experience. They were very courteous and thoughtful. They greeted me with a nice smile and with great personality. Each one of them had their own way of working on me.