Patient Videos

Kimberly experienced a pain that radiated from her back, down her leg and included weakness in both her leg and foot. Because she had become deconditioned by limiting her activities, Dr. Richard Fessler sent her to Pure HealthyBack to strengthen the muscles in her back for a quicker rehabilitation.

Stephen’s lower back pain shot down his right leg and foot – causing Sciatica. He’s learned that ongoing treatment helps him keep the pain away so he can do all the things he loves. He visits Pure HealthyBack once a week with the Wellness Program. Go Stephen!

Daniel was hit by a mule deer and extricated from his car with the jaws-of-life. Headaches, neck and spinal pain sent him to Michigan Head & Spine Institute for a successful surgery. Yet, his range of motion needed the help of Pure HealthyBack to improve it and relieve the ongoing headaches.

When neck pain caused Duane’s hands to go numb and have headaches, he chose Pure HealthyBack. He used MedX™ to strengthen his neck. At the end of his treatment he no longer had pain and can now sit and read.

A long-time patient at Pure HealthyBack, Steve found that the MedX™ equipment, exclusively at Pure HealthyBack, helps him maintain a healthy back along his recommended McKenzie Method® stretches. Now he lives an active, normal life.