Treatment Approach at Pure HealthyBack

MedX™ Exclusively at Pure HealthyBack

Each of the Pure HealthyBack clinics exclusively use MedX™ equipment to isolate and strengthen muscles. MedX™ is FDA-registered proprietary medical rehabilitation equipment that has been proven effective through 25 years of published research in top medical journals.

MedX™ is the only technology able to isolate body parts, test specific muscle groups, strengthen, and rehabilitate the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

McKenzie Method®

The McKenzie Method® is a comprehensive program of assessment, treatment and prevention which is trusted by practitioners and patients all over the world. The McKenzie Method® emphasizes injury intervention and prevention, empowering patients with life-long management skills. All our Physical Therapists are specially trained in the McKenzie Method® with an emphasis on discogenic problems.

Treatment Evaluation

To make sure every patient reaches their goals, your personalized plan will be re-evaluated every 30 days. The evaluation may cause your plan to be updated based on how you feel, if you have reached your goals or are still working to achieve your goals.

Throughout your treatment, your Physical Therapist will communicate with your physician.