How Treatment at Pure HealthyBack Works

Treatment begins with careful evaluation by a licensed and extensively trained physical therapist. From there, contact is made with your primary care/referring physician after deciding on our method of treatment. Then a personalized health plan is put in place.

Once you decide to get your life back the Pure team will work with you using our clinical protocols and proprietary medical equipment. The goal is always to improve muscle strength, disc health, endurance, mobility, and function. In fact, 4 out 5 patients who complete the program successfully meet their goals.

What Makes The McKenzie™ Method So Successful?

The McKenzie™ Method is a comprehensive program of assessment, treatment and prevention which is trusted by practitioners and patients all over the world. Through the McKenzie™ Method, patients are taught directional preference exercises to centralize their symptoms and reduce their own pain.

The McKenzie™ Method emphasizes injury intervention and prevention and empowers the patient with life-long pain management skills.

Each of our physical therapists are specially trained in the McKenzie™ Method with an emphasis on discogenic problems.

Why is MedX™ Technology So Different?

MedX™ is the only FDA-registered proprietary medical equipment able to specifically isolate, test, strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.  Most patients experience quick results with improved muscle strength, disc health, connective tissue thickness, endurance, mobility, and function. Our staff are highly trained and provide Michigan patients the only opportunity to experience results from MedX™.



Results Oriented

Those who complete The Pure Experience report significant reduction in pain and improvement in their function and quality of life. This is due in part to our FDA-registered proprietary medical equipment that is affirmed by 25 years of research in top medical journals. There is no other equipment that can effectively isolate and strengthen the muscles of the neck and spine.

We are committed to following and measuring our patients progress throughout treatment. Results have been excellent with significant improvements that show:

  • Reductions in pain and disability
  • Increases in function and quality of life
  • A patient satisfaction rating of 99 percent
  • Outstanding improvement in strength and range of motion