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How to Keep Your PT Motivation in Motion

Staying motivated in physical therapy is as important as sticking with your treatment program
Whether you’re just starting a physical therapy program, or are continuing with a treatment plan, self-motivation is the key to success. Here’s a few tips to help you stay focused and keep moving if you’re feeling motivationally challenged.

Setting motivational goals
Maintaining a positive outlook during physical therapy will help to keep you motivated throughout treatment. Approach each session with an, “I got this,” attitude. Set up achievable, realistic goals with your PT. Talk about any activities that have been affected by your condition. Picture yourself in six weeks, or six months from now, and what you’d like to be back doing again.

Also, include family and friends on your PT journey and check in with progress updates. They can provide encouragement from the sidelines, and cheer you on should your motivation “hit the wall.”

Make PT time your “Me Time”
Designate a consistent time and space where you can look forward to spending each PT session. Plug in earbuds to audio, or stream a show to watch, to get you motivated and moving. Create a personalized, inviting environment to enjoy while going through the motions.

Should you miss, or skip, a PT time — it’s okay. Forgive yourself. Just make a promise to get re-motivated and remember, you know you always feel better after a good workout.

Own your goals
Record your PT progress in a journal, or use an app to log personal growth during therapy. It’ll come in handy to keep you motivated and measure just how far you’ve come. Report back to the physical therapist and compare notes on how you’re doing.

And, don’t forget to take time to celebrate the little victories along the way. You’ve earned it.

Don’t just listen, talk to your PT
Your PT may know which exercises are good for you, but you know your body best. Share how you’re feeling throughout therapy — physically and emotionally. This exchange will also benefit you motivation-wise. Ask questions, express your thoughts and work on a plan together to reach your treatment goals.

Steve’s Motivating Story
Steve had been suffering with an excruciating lower back condition for years. One day, while still in pain driving to work, he heard a radio commercial for Pure HealthyBack and MedX™ technology. The message gave Steve some hope, and he made an appointment for a consultation.

“I can honestly say, from the first time I sat in that machine, I could tell when I stood up it was going to make a difference” he said. And, it did.

How Steve stays PT motivated
Once Steve had completed his PT program, he still needed to stay motivated with his ongoing physical therapy. He was discharged with a full set of McKenzie Method® exercises — a biopsychosocial system of musculoskeletal care emphasizing patient empowerment and self-treatment.*

“I just call them my stretches,” Steve joked, “Every morning, religiously, I walk for ten minutes. I do 10-15 minutes of stretches and then, depending on how much I sit during the day, I will get up, move around and maybe do one set.”

Watch Steve’s full motivating story here:

“Pure HealthyBack has definitely changed my life. I could barely get up and walk, or sit. I really live a normal life now.” PT patient, Steve

To achieve your greatest PT treatment results, remember the importance of staying motivated. You’ll not only gain muscle strength, reduce stiffness and lower the risk of recurring injuries, but will also improve your overall well-being and positive outlook on life.

Schedule an appointment today by calling 888-396-2642 or visiting our appointment requests page, and let a Pure HealthyBack PT guide you through a personally designed treatment program to reach your physical therapy goals!


*The Method – The McKenzie Institute, USA

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