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Keep Your Summer Going Strong with the Wellness Program

Don’t let summer pass you by due to pain or stiffness. Come back to Pure HealthyBack for the Wellness Program.
You worked hard during treatment at Pure HealthyBack and successfully completed your physical therapy. Now, you’d like to continue to maintain that level of strength and flexibility in daily life. The Wellness Program was developed exclusively for established patients as a next step option for staying active and helping to relieve pain.

When should I use the Wellness Program?
Summertime is the season to start enjoying the great outdoors and get moving again. Maybe you’re a walker, jogger, or swimmer, and need just a little more flexibility. Are you experiencing soreness, or stiffness, while performing regular day-to-day activities? The Wellness Program is available if, and when, you need it most to help keep your muscle health and lower the risk of recurring injuries.

What’s included with the Wellness Program?
Returning patients can continue to take advantage of Pure HealthyBack PT equipment, including the MedX™ equipment. You’ll also have access to a physical therapist who can assist in monitoring your progress and recommend exercises. We recommend coming in once a month—or once a week, if you prefer.*

Stephen’s Wellness Program Story

Stephen, a Pure HealthyBack PT patient, had developed severe spinal injury after spending a lifetime on the racquetball courts. He explained the challenging sport requires playing in various positions that can cause stress on your lower back and muscles. This led to his sciatica diagnosis.

“Sciatic pain is awful,” he said, “It just doesn’t stop, and there are really very few medications you can take to alleviate that kind of nerve pain.”

Raj, a Pure HealthyBack PT, described Stephen’s initial treatment plan:

“When Stephen first came to Pure HealthyBack he had leg symptoms going all the way down to his foot. Over the course of therapy we were able to determine what sort of stretches and exercises he was able to do to help.”

Working with Raj, and the MedX™ equipment, Stephen was making progress. But, when his medical insurance would no longer cover his treatment payments he needed to find an alternative solution. That’s when he discovered the Wellness Program.

“Pure HealthyBack has a very affordable program,” Stephen, a Pure HealthyBack PT patient.

“When I first started I was limping. Now I can walk around and do what I need to do,” Stephen said relieved, “I don’t have constant pain all the time.”

Stephen learned that an ongoing Wellness program can help keep his pain from returning so he can enjoy all the things he loves.

“I feel great,” he confirmed, “Going to Pure HealthyBack was absolutely the right thing to do.”

Watch Stephen’s story to see the difference Pure HealthyBack’s Wellness Program has made for him:

If you’re a Pure HealthyBack patient who has completed their physical therapy program and are interested in ongoing treatment, ask your PT about the Wellness Program. Then you, too, can get back in the game and start enjoying your summer again!


*The Wellness Program is not covered by insurances. Call 888-396-2642 or ask your Physical Therapist for pricing and details. 

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