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Are you Golf-Ready for the Season?

Starting the Golf Season After Surgery or Injury
Whether you consider yourself a seasoned “pro,” or an amateur “beginner,” all golfers aim to play the perfect game. But, if you’re a golfer who’s had to take time off while recovering from surgery or an injury – chances are you can’t wait to get back on the fairway. Pure HealthyBack can help with our experienced PT team and personalized physical therapy treatments with the intention to put the putter back in your hands.

How to Get Back to Playing Your “A” Game
Getting your body ready after surgery, or injury, is the first step before heading out on the green. Not following a proper physical therapy program can result in further injuries, and a decrease in game performance. Varying factors will determine each patient’s prescribed plan. For instance, how long have you been off the golf course due to an ailment, and how much golf were you playing prior to a procedure? A detailed evaluation and personalized treatment plan by a Pure HealthyBack Physical Therapist will help to identify and assess your physical qualities and limitations.

It Don’t Mean a Thing if You Ain’t Got Your Swing!
Physical therapy exercises focusing on functional movement for rehabilitation can improve endurance and flexibility when golfing (they can even be incorporated into your warm-up routines.) Building up body strength can help to improve posture and balance. You’ll then be able to perform at your highest level with the least amount of pain while playing. 

The golf swing itself can be stressful on the body. When returning to the game and beginning with lower range of motion swings, like putting and chipping (which are low stress), then building up to half shot and low iron swings (which have increased stress) can gradually help you to become a stronger player.

Your PT can help locate and correct any area of weakness before it starts causing you pain and ends up affecting your game. Schedule an appointment today and let Pure HealthyBack bring you back to peak performance and golfing in the zone!

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